Safety and Efficiency are the Advantages of ANGETION China Warehouse Fulfillment Service

With automated equipment, well-organized warehousing and system, ANGETION can store your products safely, process orders speedily. We can pick and pack the goods from our warehouse in China and deliver them perfectly to the consumer

Warehouse Order Fulfillment Process

Step1. Warehouse Products Receiving

For the way the goods arrive at the warehouse, we support delivery to the product fulfillment warehouse, or we can pick up the product at your door. After the product arrives at our fulfillment warehouse, our staff will check quantity according to the date that you provide, you will be notified if there’s any discrepancy.

Step2. Quality checking

Upon your requirement e-commerce order fulfillment warehouse will check sampling inspections or comprehensive detailed inspections on product quality. Ensure the proper execution of warehouse services in providing e-commerce order fulfillment.

Step3. Barcode checking

Ensure that every product has a barcode. We use sku barcodes to identify products to simplify the packaging process and ensure the correctness of the package. Elevate ecommerce Fulfillment Warehouse Services.

Step4. Inventory Management

Inventory management is a vital part of the entire order. Warehousing doesn’t only mean store in the warehouse.We use the WMS system to record and update the volume, size, and inventory of the product. You will be informed when the product is in low inventory and you can prepare the best-sellers on time.

Warehouse Order Fulfillment Process

  • Choose China warehouse fulfillment service, you can arrange a vehicle or express delivery of goods to our warehouse, of course, if you need, we can also arrange for national door-to-door pickup. Before this you need to inform us of the specific number of goods, so that the warehouse received the goods in a timely manner with your feedback on whether the number of goods is correct, whether the goods and the outer box is damaged and the degree of damage.
  • We will arrange for the goods to be shelved and entered into our warehouse intelligent management system on the same day after they arrive at the warehouse, and we will also check whether the goods are damaged or different before they are shelved. Each piece of goods will have a corresponding SKU label, the goods corresponding to the shelf number, regional location will be presented in the system, picking and packing according to the order information picking, if the SKU does not correspond to the system will appear error prompt, convenient picker timely change. At the same time, you can log in to the online order fulfillment warehouse system client to view your incoming goods, daily shipments, and inventory updates, and you will be reminded to replenish your stock when it is insufficient.
  • The product fulfillment warehouse has a comprehensive fire protection system and 24-hour security monitoring system to ensure that your goods are stored safely in our warehouse. Up to two months rent-free time will also reduce your storage costs.

Types Of Goods That Can Be Stored In The Product Fulfillment Warehouse

Choosing the right type of fulfillment warehouse is vital to the growth of your business. Angetion offers warehouse fulfillment solutions that can provide customized warehousing models for many different types of goods. We can all help you make warehousing, management and logistics more manageable and efficient.

What you can store at our warehouse

  • General goods: clothes, cups, toys, data cables, etc.
  • Live goods: earphones, LED lights, stereos, etc.
  • Pure electric goods: scooters, power banks, batteries, etc.
  • Sensitive goods: liquids, cosmetics, etc.

If you have other goods that need to be warehoused, you can contact us for customized warehousing fulfillment solutions and services, and we are sure to be the best partner for your warehousing fulfillment services.

Why Choose ANGETION China Warehouse Fulfillment Services?

Storing, picking & packing and global shipping will all be fulfilled in ANGETION warehouse & fulfillment center. What you need to do is to focuse on your business growth. Let us be your best partner for pick and pack warehouse services.

99.99% Inventory accuracy

Auto Order Sync

No Minimum Order Quantity

99.99% packages are sent out within 24hrs

For Any Business Mode&Size

For Any Business Mode&Size

International Shipping from China to the World

China Warehouse Fulfillment Service

Covering More Than 200 Countries And Regions

Choosing Angetion allows you to quickly complete the picking and packing of goods for warehouse and distribution services.





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