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Kitting And Assembly Services

What’s our Kitting and Assembly for:

Kitting And Assembly Definition: The process of packaging one or more products and parts together into a product package and selling it to customers is called kitting and assembly.


We can provide kitting and assembly services and solutions:

  • Kitting and Assembly the products from different supplier into one shipment to save the shipping costs
  • Combining accessories into new product kits according to the order information
  • Our system can identify multiple orders from the same customer and integrate them into one shipment for delivery to save the costave your costs(time cost, product cost and shipping cost).

Physical Manipulation Of Goods

quantity checking,SKU confirming, picking&packing, labeling, etc

Information Processing

sorting order information, shipping method making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc

Advantages of Kitting and Assembly

In order fulfillment, many businesses, particularly OEMs, combine kitting and assembly. When there are ready-to-ship sets for when a consumer places an order, kitting is utilized to speed up the fulfillment process. Assembly lines, on the other hand, allow businesses to mass-produce products more rapidly and efficiently. As a result, the need for kitting, assembly, or both services is essentially determined by how a product is created or supplied.

  • Increase productivity and reduce labor costs: Kitting and assembly service process involves multiple workers completing task and passing the product along the line to next worker until the product is fully assembled. Outsourcing kitting and assembly lines allows companies to mass produce products quickly and efficiently.
  • Faster delivery: When products are assembled in batches, order fulfillment is faster because each kit is counted as a SKU, picking/packing costs are lower, and delivery times are faster.
  • Reduced Shipping Errors: When items are shipped in kit form, the chance of errors goes down. In addition, weighing and labeling of individual items is eliminated, thus reducing the chance of errors. Postal costs are also reduced when assembly kitting and packaging in boxes of uniform size and weight.
  • Outsourcing kitting and assembly to third-party suppliers frees up business owners and employees to focus on core business. With more time and resources, serve your valuable customers better and faster.

Oriented by customer needs

We will do kitting and assembly according to your needs to reduce the shipping cost. Allowing you to have spare capacity to develop excellent products, improve productivity and increase corporate profits

System blessing

Our system can identify multiple orders from the same customer and integrate them into one shipment for delivery to save the cost


Our experienced warehouse streamlined process and intelligent system and strict inspection before labeling to ensure the accuracy of product kits.


No restrictions on the quantity and types of SKU.


What is the Kitting Service?

Kitting is defined as the bundling of two or more products together to create a kit that can be sold separately. This work is done in advance to ensure an uninterrupted supply of goods to the assembly line. Products that can typically be in kitting include Cosmetics, subscription boxes, direct mail kits and furniture. Kittings are often used to make inventory management easier and more efficient. Kitting is also called product bundling.


What is the Assembly Service?

Assembly is the process of taking two or more separate components (which may come from different suppliers) and combining them together to make one end item which can then be prepared for shipment. Some fulfillment centers utilize an assembly line to complete assembly services in bulk, a process which involves multiple workers doing a single task and passing the product down the line to the next worker until the product is completely assembled. Assembly lines enable firms to mass produce products quickly and more efficiently.

Custom Kitting and Assembly Product Assortment:

  • Product Samples
  • Cosmetic Samples
  • Subscription Box Project Group
  • Training Materials

Assembly and kitting services require specialized resources and experience for team training, manual labor, and product handling. As a result, the cost of kitting and assembly services is significantly less than the cost of lost business as a result of poor order fulfillment, inefficient and ineffective operations, and ultimately dissatisfied customers. Choose Angetion to be your assembly and kitting solution provider to avoid these unnecessary losses. Allowing you to have more time and energy to enhance your core business.

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E-commerce Fulfillment

Advantages of E-commerce Fulfillment is sorting order information, shipping method making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc.

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Pick&Pack the package according to your order information and your request with cost effcient and high quality packaging

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