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Crowdfunding Fulfillment Services

What is Crowdfunding Fulfillment

After a crowdfunding project is successfully funded.The crowdfunding project owner will make the idea into production and then ship the products to their backers as promised. The biggest headache for crowdfunders in this process should be packaging and shipping these crowdfunded products to the backer's audience. After all, this process is very tedious, and you need to understand the cost of transportation, customs duties, transportation time, and delivery time, etc.

Physical Manipulation of Goods

quantity checking, SKU confirming, picking & packing, labeling, etc

Information Processing

sorting order information, shipping method making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc

Advantages of Crowd-funding Fulfillment Services

sorting order information,shipping method

making,sync the tracking No. to the store,etc



Once the crowdfunding fulfillment service begins, the fulfillment service partner will sort and store the rewards in a warehouse. In China, we have free warehouses available for crowdfunding fulfillment projects.



Our staff will organize the order details of the crowdfunding fulfillment project and upload it to the system for free.


Customized shipping method

We also offer economical and flexible transportation services tailored to the crowdfunder's budget and needs to achieve the best value for money.


Value-added service

1.Email the tracking information to your backers
2.Pick up the goods from the factory
3.Customized and branded packing material


Follow-up service

Following up and real-time updating shipping status until delivery. Our fast and reliable shipping and crowdfunding fulfillment tracking services guarantee 100% satisfaction of crowdfunding project owners.



We have rich management and service experience in crowdfunding fulfillment, we participated in the crowdfunding fulfillment projects like Indiegogo and Kickstarter projects. Can guarantee 100% satisfaction of the owners of crowdfunding fulfillment projects.

Process of Crowdfunding Fulfillment Services

Crowdfunding fulfillment service providers are not simply tracking and storing your products, but a full range of online management of inventory, picking, packing, shipping, and making your crowdfunding fulfillment projects a satisfying experience for crowdfunders.

  • 1Products receiving
  • 2Inventory management
  • 3Sorting order information and upload to the system
  • 4Pick and pack according to the order informationLearn More
  • 5Labeling package and ship
  • 6Following up and real-time updating shipping status

Value-Added Service of Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment

Pick-up the products from factory

Follow up service until the package delivery

Email tracking information to backers

Branded and customized packaging

Warehousing Service

Store your inventory with well-organized warehousing and system and provide free China Warehouse for 60 days

Access service

Pick&Pack Service

Pick&Pack the package according to your order information and your request with cost effcient and high quality packaging

Access service

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