Order fulfillment

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Service

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Service

What is E-commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce fulfillment definition: after the consumer place the order on the store, we will receive the order information automatically if integrating your store with our system.Order fulfillment includes physical manipulation of goods and corresponding information processing. E-commerce fulfillment services can be performed by the fulfillment company or handled internally by the e-commerce company. At ANGETION we help provide a topnotch e-commerce fulfillment experience. 

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Service

Physical Manipulation of Goods

E-commerce fulfillment services are actually the sum of many individual services and workflows, such as the physical manipulation of goods including: quantity checking, SKU confirming, picking &packing, labeling, etc

E-commerce Fulfillment Information Processing

E-commerce fulfillment software automates inventory and order management with real-time e-commerce order sorting order information, shipping method making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc.

Advantages of E-commerce Fulfillment

Angetion provides one-stop e-commerce fulfillment solutions, including product procurement, quality inspection, warehousing, pick-up packaging and global transportation from China to the world.

You can gain a lot of advantages from choosing a professional e-commerce fulfillment company.

  • E-commerce order fulfillment companies can help you put more time and energy into your company. They will have the experience and manpower needed to handle a sudden flux in your sales, and they can save you money in the long run.
  • E-commerce fulfillment service companies can help you achieve efficient distribution and storage, more efficient delivery, and improve your user experience and service.
  • In e-commerce fulfillment service companies, you can get the highest quality packaging technology and the most efficient inventory management, making e-commerce operations more convenient and secure.


E-commerce order fulfillment services can be connected with your store by API. Obtain the order information automatically and sync the tracking No. to the store, etc.


Handling time

The goods will be shipped out within 24 hours after receiving the order information in weekdays. The E-commerce fulfillment process is very efficient and can cut your processing time by a large margin.


Real-time tracking No

After upload the order to the system, there will be a tracking No., which can track the shipping status throughout the e-commerce order fulfillment process until delivery.


Accuracy of package

The standardization, process-oriented, mechanized operation in warehouse can ensure the 99.9% accuracy of goods. Our e-commerce fulfillment services can provide customized packaging services.


Return and redispatch service

For recipients who are not at home or the address is not correct, the package will be return back to the overseas warehouse for free, and re-dispatch after changing the address. Ensure service experience during e-commerce fulfillment.


Multi shipping channels

Customized the shipping method according to the nature of the product (general goods, internal electricity, pure battery, knives, liquids, cosmetics, super long and heavy packages, etc.), the requirements for timeliness, etc. This is also the content of our customized services for e-commerce fulfillment.

Process of E-commerce Order Fulfillment Services

Angetion can provide a complete e-commerce order fulfillment service process. The process and professionalism will make us a good partner.

  • 1Integration your store with our system
  • 2Order information double-checking
  • 3Pick and pack,Learn More
  • 4Labeling and ship
  • 5Sync the tracking No. to the store
  • 6Following up and real-time updating shipping status

Value-Added Service

The benefits of choosing e-commerce fulfillment value-added services:

E-commerce fulfillment value-added services can help you get rid of tedious daily work and devote more time to brand building and creating value. E-commerce fulfillment value-added services can help ease the operating pressure and improve efficiency of e-commerce companies, save more time and energy to develop business, increase economic income, and make your company develop better.


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