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What is Bulk shipment service

When the weight of the shipment is more than 20kg, then it can be called Bulk shipment. Bulk shipment definition : is the shipping of large quantities of products, unlike other goods that are individually packaged or shipped in containers, usually not packaged, but loaded directly into a vessel. The bulk shipment service mainly includes unloading, storage and loading. During this service process, you do not need to spend any effort on this. Angetion can help you handle bulk shipment services and customs paperwork. We can ship the bulk shipment to FBA warehouse and private & business address by sea or air or express.

Physical Manipulation Of Goods

quantity checking,SKU confirming, picking & packing, labeling, etc

Information Processing

sorting order information, shipping method making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc

Advantages of Bulk Shipment Service

sorting order information, shipping method

making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc

In some cases, bulk shipments of such a large size are an affordable way to transport - because the items do not need to be disassembled for shipment. The same benefits apply to shipping speed. When you reduce the time spent in deconstruction and reconstruction, items will arrive ready for dispatch much faster.

Bulk shipment services are able to move oversized and overweight items. Simply shipping these large items to their destination with such a service is a good solution to the problem of bulk shipment without having to think about how big a container to load.


Value added services available

Relevant services can be provided according to your needs


Diversification of channels

The transportation scheme can be selected according to the product nature, delivery timeliness and cost balance


After sale

Actively follow up the status of goods until the goods are signed

Bulk Shipment Process

  • 1Send the goods, product information and receiving information to our colleagues, and our colleagues will prepare relevant materials
  • 2Receiving: after the goods arrive at our warehouse, our colleagues will confirm the weight, size and cost with you. Of course, if you have other needs, we also provide relevant value-added services, such as customized thank-you card, assembly, etc
  • 3Make and paste SKU and FBA labels according to the information you provide (if your factory can't provide it, we can provide this service), pack, issue invoices, etc
  • 4Send the goods to the address (FBA warehouse, private address, etc.) provided by you, and update the goods status in time until the goods are signed

Bulk shipment means the form of organization engaged in the shipment of bulk by sea. The focus of the definition differs from that of irregular ship transportations (or chartered ship transportations). The former is based on the form and quantity of the transported goods, the latter is based on the different forms of organization of ship transportation time and space. Both also have similarities, bulk shipment are usually organized in the form of transportation by irregular vessels.

Bulk Shipment Definition

Bulk shipments refers to the transportation of products in large quantities, usually without packaging, but directly on board the ship. Therefore, these goods are transported without any protective packaging, and the cargo hold of the ship that carries these goods usually acts as a container. So bulk cargoes are divided into two categories, one for break bulk cargoes and the other for containerized bulk cargoes.

Bulk Shipment Strategy

The strategy of bulk shipment is almost the same for imported or exported bulk cargoes. Usually, the main bulk shipment procedures are: unloading, storage and loading. When the imported bulk cargo arrives at the designated port, it is unloaded and transported to the bulk cargo warehouse at the port for subsequent arrangement of packing and inland transportation.

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