Order fulfillment

Order Fulfillment - Add-on Service

ANGETION provides the add-on services, which services that increase the extensibility of the core product. It not only makes the core product easy to use, but also increases the value and attractiveness of the core product.

Delivery Service

System and After Sale Service

High Efficiency

Orders received before 12:00 AM Beijing time will be guaranteed to be processed on the same day.

On the system: High professionalism

The API interface enables you to integrate your website and synchronize data with our system. Can help you simplify the process and facilitate the smooth execution of your order fulfillment.


We recommend you the most cost-effective logistics route.

On the system:Traceable

Warehouse management system can monitor and improve efficiency in time.

High Accuracy

The receiving address is verified. For invalid addresses, we have a specialist to confirm with you.

After Sales:High security

After delivery, our colleague commissioner will follow up the package and update the status of the package in time until the package is successfully signed.


E-commerce Order Fulfillment Services

Advantages of E-commerce Fulfillment is sorting order information, shipping method making, sync the tracking No. to the store, etc.

Access service

Crowdfunding Fulfillment Services

The crowdfunding project owner will make the idea into production and then ship the products to their backers as promised.

Access service

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