How We Work


Your supplier sends the products to our warehouse,our staff uploads the information to make the inventory management


pick&pack package according to your order requirements


We send out parcels within 24-48 hours from customers placing orders on your site

Our Advantages

Angetion order fulfillment service warehouse can be realized from China to more than 200 countries and regions in the world, our fulfillment warehouse can meet your fast and best price to deliver products to your customers, allowing you to focus on the development of your business. At the same time, our warehouse management can provide transparent and traceable management, making inventory management more visible. After we ship out your packages,our staff will follow up and update you with the shipping status until deliver successfully.

Shipping Time

There are different shipping time to choose from

Shipping Country

International shipping to over 200 countries and regions

Follow-Up Service

After we ship out your packages,our staff will follow up and update you with the shipping status until deliver successfully

Handling Time

If we receive the products before 2pm,we can ship out the package in the same day,if we receive the products after 2pm,we will ship out in the second day.

Customer Case

Through strategic planning and effective communication, we are committed to helping you exceed client expectations. Contact us for details on your fulfillment, packing, warehousing and shipping service requirements, then meet your requirements for flawless delivery.


Customer L is crowdfunding projects owner.The three main reasons why scooters are difficult to transport:
1. The product has high-power batteries
2. The size of each single piece is big and heavy
3. Each one should be sent to separate private address

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Power bank& Pure battery

Customer Z is a vendor on shopify,and his product is power bank.
Power bank belongs to pure battery,the shipping method is different from other products.The customer told us the difficults they’ve met were met as below:
1.Most order fulfillment companies can’t ship power bank or some order fulfillment companies only can ship by Postnl,which shipping time is long.
2.The shipping service only reaching 1-2 countries.

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Customer Q has more than 15 SKU,We’ve solved The customer two requests :
1.The package should be Kitting and assembling according to the order information from 15 SKU each time.
2.The shipment should be make export tax rebate when export from China .It’s easy to make export tax rebate,But the difficulty lies in the fact that each package is a separate address, so we need to pack all package in the box according to different shipping method in Shenzhen warehouse and ship the entire orders as a bulk shipment to Hong Kong(Then it will only charge 1*customs fee), and then send it from Hong Kong to the rest of the world.

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Plastic pipe

Customer H is a shopify store owner, his market is in US.The customer used to ship the products by traditional sea container shipment before cooperated with us,Because the traditional shipping time limit is relatively long, in order to ensure the time limit, a large part of the funds are used for inventory ,then the customer felt a little bit pressure.
The product is characterized by a relatively long length which is longer than the restriction on the longest side of the dedicated line.We combined the characteristics of the product and the customer's demand for transportation time to make a shipping plan:Big package air&sea dedicated line:We pack and label the product in China and ship the package by air or by sea to US and deliver by UPS for last mail.

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Customer Evaluation

After ship out the packages,our staff will follow up the packages and update the shipping status to you and check with you until it deliver successfully


Thank you for sending the products to our backers. I got many happy comments that they received the package.”


During 1 year cooperation,you are professional,I am so appreciated for your hard working on quality checking and product sourcing.etc,which help me save a lot of money


You are welcome.I am so are so professional and your service is so great.I think I should pay you salary


your work attitude is really enthusiastic, if my friend need order fulfillment center ,I will definitely introduce you to him

Cooperative Partner

After we ship out your packages,our staff will follow up and update you with the shipping status until deliver successfully

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